1. it had to be said

    Good Lord she’s fine.

  2. Shown life size.

  3. High five goes epically wrong.

  4. looks like she could use a tongue slid up her butthole…

  5. anonymous

    Sings like a drowning chipmunk but she does look good.

  6. Not shown is her husband beating up the guy who tried to high five her.

  7. Yes, disembodied black man’s hand. Her ass is fucking spectacular.

  8. I could spend all day in that ass.

  9. I think those hips are actually starting to stretch the truth a little.

  10. Ronaldo

    the only thing she has its her ass….her voice is horrible. Horrible.

  11. I want to watch her sit on things–like antique roadshow things.

  12. Sometimes “Damn” is all I can produce.

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