1. Don Sterling

    Unik no, Joaquin yes.

  2. Buttplug

    “Ewww, a black guy!!! Get it off! Get it off!!!

  3. alex

    Is that pronounced, “Unique” or “Unik”?

  4. Well the spelling of his name is definitely unique.

  5. maoix

    “I thought this guy was supposed to be a eunuch….”

  6. You have to be a pretty creepy dude to make Joaquin Phoenix this kind of uncomfortable.

  7. Joaquin subtlety checked to make sure his wallet was still there.

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He wants to give the thumbs down sign with his right hand, but his *friend* is wisely tying up his right arm.

  9. what happened? he used to be hot. Now he looks exactly like a disgusting ex bf of mine ( I was heavy in the drink).

  10. PassingTrue

    This is going to be an odd remake of “Iron Eagle”

  11. KripplesKreme

    The engagement stress got Kanye lookin’ rough.

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