1. dooood

    look! he’s picking his nose!

  2. Goddamn, get your fingers out of your beak, Sluggo.

  3. Johnny P!

    Can’t quite put my finger on it, but he doesn’t look quite as dapper and dashing off-camera…

  4. Wellll this pretty much rules out his chances of succeeding Daniel Craig…

  5. Finally, the Andy Kaufman biopic we’ve been waiting for.

  6. Kelly

    Oh, so that’s where I stuck my career!

  7. DeucePickle

    It’s about time Norm Macdonald was in movies again.

  8. Swearin

    “So guys, what are your Oscar picks this year?”

  9. Bonky

    Clive Owen on the set of “Bats in the Cave” in New York City.

  10. dani

    Clive, stop thumbing every comment down.

  11. Perplexity

    What completes the lame neck tattoo? Why digging for crumbs, of course.

  12. Ha ha… “mining nosegold”.

  13. Blech

    Yeah. Either the chick to the right of him is so boring he doesn’t mind grossing her the fuck out, or he’s in the middle of a real treasure hunt.

  14. wagamama

    Pick a winner!

  15. Daryl G.

    “So do you want to buy more coke or do you wanna wait a minute?”

  16. King Diamond

    “Are we not human?! If we pick, do we not bleed?! I am not an animal!”

    Clive was great in Killer Elite

  17. cc

    Hey, at least he hasn’t been in as many awful action movies as Jason Statham.

  18. EricLr

    He’s just trying to be a better person. His name is Earl.

  19. Janice

    What’s up with this movie set? First Mila Kunis gains weight, then Clive Owen looks like Josh Groban’s homeless junkie cousin. What are they feeding these people?

  20. I would watch this dude in anything. He’s awesome.

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