1. USDA Prime McBeef

    I see the zoom button, but where is the rotate button?
    we demand a panty-less burger shot.

  2. I guess the “B” stands for boob? Maybe it’s to help her figure out which parts go where.

    • Grand Poobah

      no she goes the Beaver university,, all the fans at the sporting events shout “show us a Beaver” to encourage their team

  3. skunk

    grown up tits

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Internal affairs hate her with a passion but who else is gonna clean up the streets of Boston

  5. I just know that ninety minutes of this would make for a far better movie than however Grown Ups 2 turns out.

  6. Artimus

    B? Looks more like a D to me.

  7. lawn

    Grown Ups 2? Why? Why would anybody want to do that?

  8. Grand Poobah

    very nice pom poms, I hope they are real Plastic bags would be a huge disappointment

  9. Perplexity

    Her 3 point stance needs work, but her getoff is great.

  10. lily

    shes so average looking and this confirms her fake tits. they look like they are going to pop! vitctorias secret has really cheapened their name hiring average looking chicks like this

    • Average-looking? Fake tits? Please post a pic of yourself!

      [img] heatherton 17-340_435.jpg[/img]

      [img] Heatherton 9-340_395.jpg[/img]

    • lily

      get over yourself and realize people share different opinions than you. YES she has fake boobs, a busted nose job (just look at the pic you posted, her nose is beattttttt) and various other “procedures” go find a before and after pic of her. in my opinion she is the LEAST attractive VS model, shes boring as hell in interviews and doesnt hold a candle to someone like candice.

      • uknowit

        I agree with you lily
        this chick is very average. Like most the chicks leo dicaprio dates dumb and average blonds that make him feel superior.
        He’s average too Idk what anyone sees in him

      • A. Get over myself? What did I say about myself?
        B. Her tits are NOT fake.
        C. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think she’s very pretty.
        D. Of course she doesn’t hold a candle to Candice. Nobody does. But who was comparing?
        E. I apparently hit a sore spot, huh? Either that or you are an ignorant CUNT! Maybe both.

  11. SSHGuru

    Didn’t Grownups One Win A Razzie?

    • Mike

      It was just nominated. But unlike the Oscars here the nominees don’t have to pretend to be happy despite not winning.

  12. Mike

    OK, right now my dick has dibs on the blood supply. So this may be him talking. But I just might see this movie.

  13. cc

    Sexy girl, car wash scenes are trite (and were almost ruined by Paris Hilton) but, ya this looks good.

  14. G Spot Finder

    I bet the right one is “A”

  15. your dad

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

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