1. CK

    One eye’s lazy, the other just plain doesn’t want to get out of bed.

  2. derp, says the topical fratboy.

  3. Jesus, Polanski gets around…

  4. Is she dating Chris Brown?

  5. Yeah, you’re no longer on drugs. Riiiiight

  6. Cock Dr

    If you can’t face the flashes like a pro than you shouldn’t be in show biz.

  7. If you held a fake smile that long, you would stroke out too.

  8. Dr. Know

    Droopy Eyes = Bad Botox

    Go to a real doctor next time, what a hack job, and this is what happens when you try to save money on plastic surgery.

  9. She actually doesn’t look too bad here. Her tits are stretching out the button holes on her shirt, and she’s so stoned she’s going to eat a cheese grater.

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