1. dontkillthemessenger

    Who knew Gucci made a tarp? (BTW, I’m certain those shoes had heels on them 15 steps ago.)

  2. Having risen from the depths of the sea, the colossus Kaiju seeks to destroy it’s enemy, mankind’s heroic Jaegers.

  3. belted galloway always looks good on her.

  4. LooksLikeA


  5. Flashback to “Time Bandits” when the giant walks out of the ocean

  6. Pretty soon she’s going to have to buy her dresses in the camping section at REI.

  7. My goodness she looks like she was due 2 months ago. I still cant get over the feet…still squeezing them into the tiniest shoes. vomit.

  8. Shepler

    Good God!

  9. That fucking orange FACE … what’s up with that ? MOO.

  10. Cock Dr

    At least she’s wearing flats.
    Hugely preggers + summer means find an air conditioned barn and stay there until the birth.

  11. That Hindenburg is about to blow up. Oh, the humanity.

  12. Where have I seen those feet before…oh ya, Fred Flintstone

  13. kaschuh

    I saw those feet hanging from the ceiling of the cured meats department of an Italian deli

  14. I bet that fucker’s full of cash because a back-door deal was made to take pics of Kanye losing his shit. I have no idea what’s in the purse though.

  15. Must.. Fight.. The.. Urge.. to PUSH!!!!

  16. popwilleatitself

    What is the point of wearing shoes if your toes still touch the ground?

  17. March of the Penguin

  18. jeb


  19. Krazee Thug Nutz

    Thanks for the above posts, most of them are crazy funny! It really got me laughing. (I know, i shouldn’t laugh, but couldn’t help myself). :D

  20. “I don’t know doctor, she grabbed her platform shoes, threw some drugs in her purse, gave me an elbow to the face and ran out. Oh, and she stole my blazer to throw on over her gown. Tell them to seal the hospital before she can get away!”

  21. Why does she keep leaving the house? I would have a gremlin for driving around in the house and one of those staircase chairlifts. And I would be in bedecked in fabulous pyjamas.

  22. As Captain Beefheart would so indelicately say:

    Frank it’s the big hit
    It’s the blimp
    It’s the blimp Frank
    It’s the blimp
    When I see you floatin’ down the gutter
    I’ll give you uh bottle uh wine
    Put me on the white hook
    Back in the fat rack
    Shad rack ee shack
    The sumptin’ hoop the sumptin’ hoop
    The blimp the blimp

  23. Robb7

    She’s officially Sponge Bob’s body double.

  24. Dr. Tony

    She is a fat ugly toad.

  25. Oh, I remember this part! Danny DeVito announces he’s running for mayor of Gotham, but it’s secretly a plot to steal all of the wealthy families’ children, and Michael Keaton is all, “NO WAY!” and then everyone marvels at Christopher Walken’s wig.

  26. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAA I LOVE THIS!!!! I love that look on that fucking face. Oh how I love this.

  27. Makes sense. Dressed like a realtor, as big as a house, sells herself for a living.

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