1. BP

    Trying out her custom made Water Coffin……for when Chris Brown finally finishes her off..

  2. needs better centering on a water jet.

  3. Guy

    Desperate SKANK with trashy tattoos. Pass.

  4. looks like someone’s been beating her legs.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “How do you set the water jets to ‘bite and kick?’”

  6. Amanda Bynes

    You ugly. Your bath is ugly. I bathe in the tears of angels who weep for my beauty.

  7. She had this hydrotherapy tub put in to show Chris Brown that she can heal the bruises at home now and they can be together forever.

  8. Sadly, Rhianna found out that not even bathing in 100% chlorine solution could kill the skank in her.

  9. Beyonce

    Is it a bleaching that why she is wearing sunglasses? what is that thing by her head?
    never mind I don’t really care.

  10. Her tits have eyeliner.

  11. Not enough drowning.

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