1. BP

    She must love Dumb Comedy Skits……..

  2. Good job, dude. Good job.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    How do we measure the water displacement of that forehead?

    • I simply do not understand why so many “men” in this forum are concerned with the size of the foreheads of beautiful women. Have I been missing something all these years?

      • dontkillthemessenger

        IMO, she’s not cute. Add in that she has no rack and no ass, I really don’t see what the big deal is about her. That being said, carpet chest there still shouldn’t be able to get her.

      • because it makes the face out of balance and unattractive. her face is really boxy and lacks symmetry. she’s just average all around

  4. “Geez, this water is cold. This is the first time since we started dating that I haven’t had an erection.”

  5. Totally did it in the ocean

  6. He obviously took subtlety lessons from Bill Clinton.

  7. she is incredibly underwhelming in terms of looks. she is talented though.

  8. Jason thought balloon: “Oh yeah, now I remember why I’m dating you.”

  9. Jason, are you staring at my ass again?
    No, dearest.

  10. I bet he’s saying something amusing. Not quite funny, but amusing.

  11. Oh damn! One of your crabs is missing. Hopefully it has gone out to sea.

  12. That ass is much too pretty to be spending any time a toilet seat. And human waste being extruded from that hole is a sacrilege.

  13. Mama Pinkus

    WHAT is the appeal of Ms. Wilde? She’s a mediocre actress with a torso twice as long as her stumpy legs and a forehead that could be rented for ad space. And when she talks she’s in Megan Fox territory. UGH!

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