1. I'mCool

    something, something … big pussy … something

  2. Ginger

    Uh, what is wrong with him?

  3. The Fast & Furriest

  4. How long can he milk this Fast & Furious franchise?

  5. Cock Dr

    So Vin Diesel likes his pussy fat, furry, possibly toothless and sedated.

  6. Is that where the cat lives? It’s terrible…it’s like meow-schwitz in there.

  7. “Ya, Nein… Siegfried unt I are retired, unt not auditioning for new players…Vell, as long as you are here, show us vot you got…”

  8. WTF? He looks like a tall version of a midget.

  9. Why do I feel like Bruce Vilanch is about to scurry through in a wheelchair?

  10. CrashHell

    Maybe he is filming a new Old Spice commercial.

  11. Starting to look leathery like Mickey Rourke…gross

  12. ThisWillHurt

    Has anyone shown him a picture of what Billy Idol looks like lately?

  13. Verne Troyer’s Pilates workout tape shoot.

  14. Ladypants

    There’s no way he’s over 5’6″, right?

  15. Looks like he’s about to hit it leopard style.

  16. I know he’s in good shape and is rich enough to rent a leopard, so it’s probably real, but it looks totally photoshopped.

  17. Cross between Hulk Hogan and Iggy Pop

  18. wolfe

    Never get naked near spotted pussy. Everyone knows this, Vin! Get it together, brah.

  19. How cool is that? Until the fucking thing turns around and bites him in the balls.

  20. Rick Flair is bald now?

  21. Leigh

    Holy God. *wipes brow*

  22. Hey, let’s see what happens when we shove an air hose up Vin Troyer’s ass! And…throw a leopard in there..or something

  23. cc

    Do you even lift?

  24. Is this a really sad Beastmaster remake or…?

  25. This looks like the beginning of a German porno.

  26. Axerty

    Isn’t this a screenshot from GTAIV?

    Genetically different baaaby!

  27. ‘I like my men how I like my sugar – lumpy. ‘


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