1. Candace Swanpoel has some competition!

  2. Cock Dr

    In this shot she looks an awful lot like Denise Richards…before Charlie drained much of her vital juices.

  3. I thought it was Denise Richards also.

  4. I love and adore this woman. beautiful, elegant and incredibly fit

  5. I think her and Swanepoel should have an ass-off…what I mean to say is, they should both sit on my dick and I get to judge. I think that’s a reasonable and fair way evaluate.

  6. First, dat ass. Second, is it weird to want to bang someone because of their name?

  7. Ash

    I thought it was Denise too! Doppelgänger!

  8. She is so fucking beautiful. I tried to copy that pose. I think I’ll end up hospitalized with a slipped disc or something.

  9. cc

    I love bums

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