1. “But is he an EVIL NBA team owner?”

  2. You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch

  3. How can he be racist if he has black sunglasses?

  4. And now, for my next Magic trick, now you see him (with my fuckin’ ex paid piece) and now you don’t (at a Clippers game).

  5. He’s morphing into an Asian to deflect his horrendous PR campaign that he’s not racist.

  6. George P Burdell

    If he self identifies as a black male is he still racist?

  7. Bottom line to the whole thing: the Clippers still suck.

  8. “Bring me Solo!”

  9. Mr Cockroach

    This guy is a cockroach. The NBA will never be able to
    block him out, he’s too fucking rich. Plus, he has been
    doing the same shit for 35 years, nothing has changed.
    The only good thing, he’s fucking 80+ and he’ll die soon.

  10. Mr. Burns has not aged well.

  11. You’re one UGLY mudderfucka.

  12. Give this guy a top hat, a monocle and a long cigarette and let Batman kick his ass.

  13. Wow the penguin got a tan

  14. Nice to see Mickey Rourke starting to pull himself together…

  15. rican

    I think I know now why he would say ANYTHING to try to get laid.

  16. Mike

    Poor Garry Shandling…

  17. Jabba the Rourke.

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