1. Voice of Reisling

    Even her ass is dull and lifeless.

  2. Two pics of Jared Leto in a row?

  3. fred

    You know you are ugly when . . .

    People look at your picture and think, “Huh. She kind of looks like one of Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s kids, but much less attractive.”

  4. Kristen Stewart in her next role as Rumer Willis.

  5. Somebody tried to get me to watch the “Twilight” movies the other day. I laughed for a half hour straight at the mere suggestion before I refused.

    That having been said, I’d love to get in Kristen Stewart’s ass. You know she’s into the freaky shit (adultery) and I bet she’s a freak in the bed.

  6. JimBB

    Fucking ’round the world!

  7. MFer

    Soooo punk rock with your red hair and Chanel bag.

  8. She’s tired of being starry.

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