1. Typical Girls night out.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    No wonder he’s gay.

  3. fred

    “To find hot guys near you, press *7. . .”

  4. If I had to make a photo assumption, I would say that Cara has at some time in the past kicked Joe’s ass and he is still sore about it.

  5. Voice of Reisling

    The Gay Mod Squad.

  6. Natty Ice

    Why does he dress like Demi Lovato?

  7. What’s up with the fucking hat, Joe?

  8. JimBB

    “So I only have to *pretend* to be his girlfriend?”


  9. “There are TWO women here, and I think they both want to sleep with me. You gotta get me out of this!”

  10. None of this makes sense.

  11. I think my computer just got infected with Teh Hipster.

  12. “Oh hey, girl, not much. Just running errands with my beard and my wing-girl.”

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