1. “No, really, I’m a big movie star! Come on! Don’t laugh! Hey, that’s mean.”

  2. “No, really. I like women! Why is that so hard to believe???”

  3. WTF man! I said I wanted to sit next to a feminine looking dude, not a masculine looking woman.

  4. Voice of Reisling

    Yes. I ride a motorcycle.
    No, I am not Stuart Little.

  5. Yes I was in Bourne Legacy?

  6. George P Burdell

    The Olivia Munn impersonator just laughed and laughed. She knew she was wearing granny panties that would melt his little hawkeye before he could use it.

  7. “What? What’s the harm in using a strap on?”

  8. “Why don’t we go back to your room and I’ll play with your ladyballs. Ladies have balls, right?”

  9. PassingTrue

    Yeah, and I was in this movie where I’m Hansel and I’m a witch hunter with my sister Gretel.

  10. Swearin

    “Hawkeye! You know, one of the Avengers? I mean, no, he doesn’t have his own movies, and he can’t control lightning or shoot rockets from his arms or is really strong and agile but he can shoot a bow like, crazy good!”

    • I always wondered why creatures from an advanced civilisation capable of ripping the fabric of timespace itself and launching a massive invasion of Earth weren’t able to fend off arrows.

      • They ma have been able to travel through time and space, but they used technology to that. That doesn’t make then invincible. advanced technology is a sign of advanced intelligence. Their bodies are still vulnerable to sharp things.

        Superman is pretty awesome in this respect because on his home planet he’s a normal person but in our galaxy he’s basically a god.

      • Let’s face it, if Superman was real he could and would easily kill almost all if not all the other superheroes and villains out there and rule the world like he was God.

      • Wait, is this stuff about Superman ruling us like a god just hypothetical or for real?

  11. JimBB

    So I’m all like, “WTF, when am I going to get a chance to be in a Bryan Singer movie again?” Held my breath. Dove down. Did what I had to.

  12. That jacket is ridiculous. At least he is not wearing women’s yoga pants, thank God.

  13. “What? I only put my hand up there because I thought you were Howdy Doody.”

  14. CptCreep

    “Hawkeye could lead his own movie” “Sure he could Jeremy, sure he could”

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