1. Cock Dr

    Pam asked her hairdresser for extensions….ALL the extensions.

  2. Still not clean even after evidently going through multiple rounds of the permanent press cycle.

  3. fred

    Hepatitis Barbie. Now with new STDs!

  4. joe

    It’s like the Borg Queen and Number Six spawned.

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrr……….oss

  6. Medusa with boobs!

  7. No, the $25 hooker wig is back! Gah!!

  8. I, I, I’m inconspicuously scratching an itch. Why do you ask?

  9. Please stop messing with my past.

  10. Iron Maiden’s mascot, formerly known as Eddie, would now like to be known as Edwina.

  11. That hair is so 80s, I started hearing Winger in my head as soon as I saw this pic.

  12. Dear God what happened?

  13. Robb7

    Wait a second…last week she was looking like something out of Menopause magazine!! How the fuck did she get all jiggly again, circa 1995??!!

  14. must be getting old...

    …because I find nothing sexy about her anymore.

  15. oh no

    I think her boobs are deflating in this picture. The wig/extensions are being lifted up by the escaping gas.

  16. Watch out Snow White…don’t eat the apple

  17. It looks like someone or other was able to pull her out of the vomit-filled toilet bowl with enough time for her to wipe off her face and fix her hair. Hahahahaha…

  18. me

    Albino Elvira is now a thing?

  19. Robert

    When did Chucky become a woman? Just asking.


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