1. There’s porn on that screen. You can bet on it.

  2. fred

    Pussy Power.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Chapter 1: Get Brazilian players.

  4. Brainiac but loves strippers so he gets an A+.

  5. If I had to live life in his condition, I’d watch porn anywhere I fucking want too.

  6. There’s PP on his screen.

  7. “Oh, Brett Rossi, why won’t you be my wife instead? I have money coming out of my barely functional ass and an intellect that can make you come so hard you’ll create a worm whole in your pus- why am I typing all of this into my keyboard during a lecture? Fuck the lot of you for judging me, you uptight cunts. Big Hawk is out.”
    *wheels away*
    “I wish my hands were capable of giving you the finger.”

  8. Looks like he’s having a lip slip.

  9. If his ass itches how does he scratch it?

  10. Looks like someone just found Kelly Brook’s instagram page

  11. Odbarc

    Fa. King. In. Tur. Net. Ex. P. Lore. Er.

  12. “Timmy !”

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