1. DiegoAD

    His other sign read “Donna Martin graduate!”

  2. Bucky Barnes

    Nothing says d-list actor like a kid in public school

  3. Siloporcen7

    I hope his child made the sign…

  4. Luke attended West Beverly High School for 11 years, until he was 34 years old…he’s already used up all of his kids public education and a couple more generations more.

  5. Arizona Ken

    Do you think they organized this rally at the Peach Pit?

  6. caruncle

    …in between driving his tow truck

  7. MrsWrong

    You accidently put an “L” on your sign

  8. I liked him better on OZ, when he spent a whole season bricked up in a wall.

  9. Joke’s on him – nobody listens to the janitor in these debates.

  10. The other side of the sign says: “Homeless and Hungry, Please Help”

  11. Friday

    Luke Fucking Who?

  12. Please let there be a misspelled word……please let there be a misspelled word…. DAMMIT!

  13. He knows that old episodes of 90210 aren’t on the curriculum, right?

  14. candyn

    He ain’t got shit else to do

  15. JC

    Why doesn’t he just use one of his big actor paychecks to fund….oh, never mind.

  16. Man, did I ever laugh when Krusty the Clown shot this guy out of a cannon.

  17. KC

    Why is the symbol for this cause a condom?

  18. Richard McBeef

    If he was that concerned about funding at his child’s school couldn’t he kick in some cash? Oh, wait…

  19. Oh Snap

    Oh look! Britney Spears dyed her hair black again!

  20. Steelerchick

    He sends his kids to a public school??? Wow times must be tough for him.

  21. cc

    His starpower must really lend credibility to this demonstration.

  22. fartbucket

    He looks like the guy who cleans the carpets in my office building.

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