1. Deacon Jones

    The body and face say YES!

    And the skeleton hand say Nooooooooo!

    • no shit, those things look like claws.

      • Ok, I have to ask what the obsession with hands is. I’ve seen the same comments in several different posts. Are you really saying you’d turn your back on a beautiful woman cuz she’s got veiny hands?

      • old man

        The hand obsession is because hands are the one way to guess a woman’s age that is pretty much without fail. No amount of diet, exercise, or surgery can stop the hands from slowly morphing into bony, veiny, age spotted claws. You can see the visible wear and tear appear in their early 20s (even if the rest of her looks 16) and progress from there.

      • Deacon Jones

        It’s not so much the veiny hands, as it is the translucent flesh.

  2. She puts the “Wreck” in “Erection.”

  3. Almost 60 + minidress = ‘trying too hard’.

    Just sayin’.

    • Employee

      jealous cunt

      Just sayin’

    • Bucky Barnes

      The danger of wearing a mini-dress is that some pap will snap a picture of tumbleweeds blowing in the region of her vagina.

    • babigurl

      she looks gorgeous. the fact that she is almost 60 and CAN wear a mini dress is awesome!


    • castallare

      Boooo… I think as long as you look like THAT in a minidress, you should be wearing one. I, for example, have never looked like anything other than link sausage in mini dresses so if I were to wear one, THAT would be trying too hard. I work better in flow-y things; she looks better in superhuman attire. Let’s be objective here.

  4. old enough to be a great grandmother…conceited enough to dress like a teenager.

  5. DKNY

    Still super hot

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Say what you will, she looks a thousand times better than her ex, Billy Joel.

  7. adolf hitler

    that is what a 57 yr old is supposed to look like

  8. tkb

    She has a portrait of herself aging in her attic

  9. MrsWrong

    Katie Couric if she had a nice body

  10. Keyser Ballsy

    I would be happy to dip my wick in that love canyon of hers.

  11. Zombie Kitty

    It may be all fine and well wearing that dress, but without underwear I bet her flaps hang down to her knees

  12. Cock Dr

    I hope she hasn’t Botoxed herself into that as her facial permanent expression.

  13. Deryn

    You couldn’t make this the main post, eh? Had to be Richard Simmons.

  14. She’s still one gay son’s induced-erection from legendary MILF status.

  15. bonkey dalls

    Brinkley? I’d love to stick it in her dirty Stink-ley

  16. Love that Joker!

  17. vlad

    I dunno’…I think a pair of gloves would make us forget about those Grandma’ Knuckles in a hurry…unless there are more parts under the dress that look like Grandma’s…not that I ever saw my grandmother naked…okay, well, there was that one time, but grandpa said it was okay…it would put hair on my chest.

  18. Arzach

    This make up for the previous post

  19. whiskeyafternoon

    1000 watts of flashbulb conceal a lot of crypt-keeper secrets

  20. Brennan Haley

    Stacy’s grandmom has got it going on.

  21. dalton

    comment edit fail

  22. Uptown this, Billy.

  23. Annie from Fremantle

    100 bucks to anyone who’s brave enough to get close enough for a proper look..

  24. cheeky

    she looks amazing…..

  25. I’d bang that until we broke her hip then press the button on her necklace to call for assistance…

  26. cc

    She may be accessing the market in black market legs.

  27. fartbucket

    Ladies take note.

    THIS is what aging gracefully looks like. HOLY HOT!!!!

  28. Squishy

    Holy perma-grin!! Enough with the plastics people!!

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