1. He’s just mad because Kim sucked on his ice cream from a distance… cry baby…

  2. “So, what’s it like to lick something white?”

  3. Johnny P!

    Cannes used to be a celebration of cinema.
    Now, it’s a playground for celebs and wanna-be’s who NEED to be photographed to remain relevant, while the writers, actors, directors and producers take a back seat.

  4. Haddo01

    Whoa, those must be shitty ice cream cones

  5. “Can’t believe you did me like that, Kim, goin’ to Diddy’s party without me. And now they give you more ice cream, too! What’choo do, blow the guy behind the counter? Goddamn, I gotta tweet about this shit right here.”

  6. Crissy


  7. nick

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cannes Film Festival is proud to present a whiney bitch-boy, and some whore in; “The Death of Cinema!”

  8. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    I scream, you scream, we all scream… but no one ever does anything about it.

  9. Radadoon

    Photographic evidence that Kanye can take a bigger mouthful than Kim.

  10. Poor man's picasso

    Looks like an implant to me

  11. This relationship doesn’t seem like a media ploy at all.

  12. Are they having a funeral for their ice cream cones?

  13. Colin

    He find Kim so inspiring, he’s growing his own pair of breasts.

  14. Joe

    A douchebag and a bag that needs a douche. Perfect.

  15. Bonky

    “So do we eat these or just throw them out before we get in the car. I forgot to ask your mother.”

  16. Misana

    He looks so sour.. ugh.

  17. CK

    I get sad too when they’re out of sprinkles.

  18. Nice moobs Kanye. Goddamn he is one ugly mofo!

  19. Nice cones………………………….Kanye

  20. disillusionisreal

    He always looks like a punk ass kid with a shitty attitude….she’s just butt ugly…

  21. Cock Dr


  22. “Yo, Kim. I’m really happy for you, and imma let you finish that cone, but Jamoca almond fudge is the best ice cream flavor of all time. Of all time!”

  23. Kanye’s pissed because they didn’t have chocolate.

  24. Raoul

    You’re not allowed to be that sad while holding an ice cream cone. It must be frozen yogurt.

  25. Joaquin ingles

    People still get the mumps?

  26. Dr Doug

    Gees, I hope they get married. I can’t think of 2 people who deserve each other more.

  27. catapostrophe

    Black & tan.

  28. Blech

    FOR FUCK’S SAKE, they don’t even smile for ice-cream?

    Are they lactose intolerant? Because that would be pretty funny.

  29. Hugh Jazz

    “Damn, girl. I knew we shouldn’t have got that Melancholy Mint Chip flavor.”

  30. Wait, I thought Kanye like fish sticks?

  31. anonym

    god, kim is so fucking ugly in this pic.

    she is definitely not aging well

  32. Bigalkie

    He looks like one sad asshole.. MOOOOO

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