1. Emma Watson's Vagina

    by the look on her face is Jon Hamm there?

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “You’re right, you’re brother looks hot as a blonde with his hair all les-y. How’d you know I- Oh, fuck you!”

  3. Johnny P!

    ‘Hey Justin Beaver! Just lickin’ the last of your Maple Tree syrup off my lip! Hear that? I don’t open my legs for ANY white-boy-wanna-be-black-gansta- Canadian-teen-from-an idyllic-Ontario-suburbian-Shakespearean-town-with-a-confiscated-monkey-who-gets booed-at-the-Billboard-awards-and… wait— what the fuck did I just say?!?’

  4. squished face…never found this one cute at all

  5. “Look I’ve photoshopped my face onto all the picture of you and Justin!”

  6. Schadenfreude

    Brain damage! Of course! Now her getting back together with Justin Bieber makes total sense.

  7. She’s just cleaning up the last bit of Justin’s delicious tears from her lip.

  8. I notice a lot of twentysomethings exposing their tongue while posing. This must stop. I’m serious. This must stop or my Uncle Ruger just might escape and go around barking his vicious bark.

  9. Do you suppose that tongue actually touched Bieber’s wee-wee? Now there is a revolting thought.

  10. “Hey, can you make the same face that Taylor Swift made when she saw you and Justin kissing at the Billboard Awards?”
    “Ok, I’ll try…”

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