1. ThisWillHurt

    Jesus, how man cameos does the “Ron Burgundy” sequel need?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m not quite sure how, but this has something to do with John Travolta.

  3. tlmck

    Jim Croce is still alive?

  4. Before settling on Tatooine, Obi-Wan tried to find ways to “Hide in plain sight”

  5. The Pope

    Shrewd move, Justin Theroux.

  6. meeps!

    Leon Redbone…

  7. John Riley

    Suck it, Trebek.

  8. Relax, don’t do it.

  9. Schadenfreude

    Nice look, Ringo!

  10. Ewan McGregor is Leonardo Dicaprio’s father?

  11. gaydetector

    Macho Macho Man…yeah You know you got to be a Macho maaaaaaaaan.

    Macho Macho Man…you know you got to be a Machooooo.

    YMCA also fits correctly.

  12. Why do I have a feeling that whenever someone yells, “Hey, shit head!” this guy turns and looks?

  13. I’m not against the notion of a Deadwood prequel per se, but why on earth they gave it to Baz Luhrmann is beyond me.

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