1. Funny…this is the same photo on the Wikipedia page for the word “pretentious.”

  2. mike

    Her face when her publicist suggests that the next logical step on her career trajectory is ‘cookbook.’

  3. not bad…she hasnt aged much since the 90s.

  4. “So, how does it feel to net even be good enough for Dancing With the Stars?”

  5. Somethings about her make her seem funny and smart and cool…

  6. joe

    wow! you guys must really have some fine wives and girlfriends waiting for you at home!

  7. Beer Baron

    She came into the video store I worked at during college once. She was smoking hot in person. Leaned her boobs on the counter, playfully asked what’s good to rent, and then smiled. I was blinded by her Snaggletooth.

  8. She’s is beautiful. I always wanted to wreck that..

  9. With those lungs I’ll bet she can hold her breath for an hour.

  10. You know, this is just a good looking woman here. Not bad for someone who lived in her van for a while.

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