1. Yep, that’s about what I expected.

  2. I loved you in “Showgirls.”

  3. Jenny from the shock?

  4. Cock Dr

    Don’t get too close to celebrities. They start to come apart during short range viewing.

  5. She looks so….plain.

  6. Oooh. Looks like Jenny’s been around the block a few times too many.

  7. Now THAT’S Jenny from the block

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    Now we finally know what Coolio would’ve looked like as a Hispanic woman.

  9. OldDirtyPants

    Cant look directly at her, my penis will fall off.

    But is that Boy George behind her? He looks good!

  10. Michael_D

    “Is this a bad time?”

  11. ‘Seems like someone’s messing with the self-portrait J-Lo has in her antic.

  12. JimBB

    Turn that damned camera off and get me my goddamn smokes!

  13. Meanwhile at home, a portrait of her is getting prettier.

    The curse is broken.

  14. Weight loss isn’t such a good thing once you’re in your 40′s.

  15. She would not be so bad if she was not such an awful person with such an awful personality.

    • she lost me when she started performing for dictators with a history of abuse and human rights violations. Anything for a buck. Whore.

  16. Yzma..? Is that you?

    Smash it with a hammer.

  17. KtothaJ

    Holy Shit. For a minute then I thought Brittany Murphy had risen from the dead.

  18. Robb7

    That’s some nappy hair.

  19. meeps!

    “Watch is suckah, you ole fish eyed fool.”

  20. Sigh…she really is just another Mexican with a fat ass underneath all that glitz and glamour.

  21. Nick Nolte's Foot Callus

    Mexican Coolio

  22. A big Kathy Griffin fan, allegedly.

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