1. Forget his nose, you should wipe out his shorts from yesterday’s picture with Sugar Ray.

  2. “Damn it, Luis. I told you not to apply too much. I don’t want to look TOO Mexican”

  3. Let me just wipe my cum off your nose.

  4. George P Burdell

    “I wish Jonah Hill would stop kissing the tip of my nose through Channing Tatum’s underwear.”

  5. JimBB


  6. I said I don’t want that camera to see one single pore, got it?

  7. cc

    ‘No, it’s plasticine.’

  8. uhuh

    Why is Robert Downey Jr doing stuff to Mario Lopez’s face?

  9. “So Sugar Ray and I were standing no more than a foot apart, face to face, getting ready to rumble, when suddenly he grabs my ears and bites my nose. I mean, what the fuck?”

  10. All I did was lean in for a little bit of brown sugar and the son-of-a-bitchin Sugar Ray head-butted me!

  11. “Dammit Hector! These aren’t make up pads, They’re the sopapillas from my lunch!”

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