1. tom

    I like these kind of thigs.

  2. She’s grown up quite nicely. “Double checks age on google, commence fapping”.

  3. Wow. She grew up hot. I definitely would.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Hey now!

  5. Ronaldo

    Who knew!! She got a nice bubble booty.

  6. Nice fanny, Dakota!

  7. Damn, I am really liking the new Dakota Fanning, well done girl and nice ass.

  8. robb7

    Perky posterior — I like it!

  9. cc

    I’d give her my ‘Super 8′.

    (Yes I know that was the other Fanning.)

  10. GREAT ASS!!! Yow…

  11. “I’d tap that!” said the Cat in the Hat.

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