1. brick

    Hey Sarah, you’ve got a white thread on your hemline that’s really distracting…oh and BTW, your tits look awesome!

  2. She looks great. Especially her tits. I would.

  3. Her tits look fucking great

  4. Bonky

    If only she was a mute.

    • Ahhh…a right cross followed by a left hook — directly on the point of the chin — should work for five to six weeks, depending on her diet and prior health.

  5. JimBB

    Was acting really weird last night on Letterman. And not funny weird.

  6. Dammit I really want to have sex with her, I still don’t want her to talk anytime during the process.

  7. cc

    Her breasts ARE great…I’d grope them so long as she didn’t attempt to be funny.

  8. Be honest, how many of you were looking at the tits long before you realized it was Sarah Silverman, and then had a brief talk with your penis about whether it was still ok or not.

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