1. Martina Navratalova has more testosterone in her system than him…

  2. “‘Get a haircut,’ they said. ‘It’ll make you feel like a man,’ they said.”

  3. renotastic

    Wacky O.

  4. The O

    I’m not sure if its gender or its clothes are more nondescript.

  5. KtothaJ

    If they let me shave my pits I wouldn’t be sweating so much

  6. Robb7

    The estrogen injections are causing armpit leakage — but boy is he pretty or what!!

  7. cc

    Why does he always look like he is wrapped in Saranwrap?

  8. Bruce Jennder….less.

  9. Why is Bruce at the airport so much? Is he a stewardess?

  10. Nick Nolte's Foot Callus

    Picture him in the exact same position as this image above. Only, picture him naked with a raging hard on.

  11. Darebear

    Bruce has got that ‘Innsmouth Look’.

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