1. heh heh… *snicker*… huh huh huh….

    (The first thing that came to my mind)

  2. If this reversed shit on clothing items is designed for selfies in front of a mirror, we should all kill ourselves now.

  3. My favorite girl with my favorite expression.

  4. Let the photoshopping begin!

  5. My life is complete. I can die happy now.

  6. She looks better from behind.

  7. Hmm. Needs to work on that facial expression. I’ve got the tool just for it.

  8. Assume the position, Maria.

  9. George P Burdell

    Looks like a Bell’s Palsy support group.

  10. JimBB

    Another successful meeting with the boss this morning.

  11. Looks like I finally have a reason to learn how to use Photoshop.

  12. I kinda figured as much.

  13. buzz

    Damn, someone actually did make a stealth condom that turns your dick invisible.

  14. meeps!

    I guess the old “Spit or Swallow” question has been answered…

  15. cc

    Holy shit they make invisible dildos now? Ha! Let’s see the Chinese copy that!

  16. That is one long fucking pubic hair.

  17. “I warned you to rinse your mouth out before we left…”

  18. streeter mclane

    I love it that she likes getting choked while fuckin…my kinda girl….and she does anal

  19. SupaDupa

    Hey Maria….How do you brush your teeth!?

  20. icu

    Imagine a black microphone and pretend you’re Kim K.

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