1. In spite of the Maple taint, I still like her. She must be a complete idiot, but there’s still a soft spot in my heart and a hard part in my pants for her.

  2. Not even the entire ocean wash away the stain of willingly being with BBare. RUINED!!!

  3. I thought “wow hot, I’d hit that,” and “damn she looks just like my Mexican cousin,” and I am not completely sure what order I thought those in. Sign.

  4. Douche-free. So fresh, so clean.

  5. “I hope you brought wine coolers.”

  6. anthony

    Still looks like a kid and swims in the shallow end.

  7. “Come back Bieber! My career’s in the quicksand!”

  8. Just sit there and wash all that nasty Bieber away.

  9. I didn’t need to know about her scat fetish.

  10. Still cuter than a speckled pup!

  11. Spanky Mulrooney's ex-brother in law

    Dora the Explorer is slowly becoming a minx that we’ll never be abled to deprot

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