1. The Italian game “Find the American” is really going to be dumbed down this TV season.

    • fo sho

      The flip flops, the apron sold at kiosks all over the center of Florence, the shorts (I’m assuming), the map: even a blind nona would shriek as it rumbled closer.

  2. Cock Dr

    *head explodes from juxtaposition of images*
    Ow, another hurtful image.

  3. Fart Barfuncle

    I don’t see a problem here. What, the penis? For fuck’s sake, it’s Italy, no one gives a shit.

  4. It had to be said

    So, I thought Italy was an American ally, but now I see we are returning all of their gifts and I think we are about to break up.

  5. cc

    The whirring sound you here? That’s Leonardo Da Vinci spinning in his grave.

  6. jerk

    Thats fucking face man, holy shit.

  7. boing

    those fat legs match up perfectly.

  8. SteakTarTar

    Well…at least now we know for sure she’s not circumcised.

  9. Ole one eye Rough

    What the? The enforcer is morphing into Latoya Jackson.

  10. Do_Freebird

    Obviously not the Snookmeister. Here dick is a lot bigger.

  11. That will still not keep Italian men from rubbing up on you on the bus.

  12. Ole one eye Rough

    Damn Deena is thicker than pigs blood.

  13. This seems about right.

  14. Amy

    he needs a slip with that see-through dress.

  15. Confused

    I had to do a double take.. “Oh she’s wearing some blue dress..” *Gets to groin area.* “Waait a minute!”

    Yeah.. Wow

  16. BigDaddy

    Isn’t that the situation without his make-up on.

  17. Ismoss

    Ha she wishes her abs were that good.

  18. wogitalia

    So when did the Superficial start posting full frontal nudity?

  19. First time I’ve seen a fire hydrant that could piss on a dog.

  20. Amber

    At least the outfit matches the body!

  21. Charlie Bravo

    The most awkward sweat stain, ever.

  22. Skeezix

    With her new-found penis, Deena found herself strangely incapable of asking for directions.

  23. KC

    The one under the shirt is bigger.

  24. Blech

    FUCK. I’m never going to Florence again.

    Actually, it’s overrated. Aside from the art, Venice is better.

  25. Big_Mike

    Like someone from Jersey Shore actually knows how to use a map…that’s cute.

  26. must be cold in italy

  27. jim eh

    Italian women age rapidly, and it’s not pretty.

  28. Oh Snap

    and we wonder why Europeans hate Americans >.

  29. Dutch

    Paging Dr. Freud.

  30. Kathryn

    ” I mean I can’t speak the language or nothing, how else am I supposed to tell em where to stick it. C’mon I’m a blast in a vino glass”

  31. Gigi

    Way to make Americans not look ugly. Thanks.

  32. Shorty80

    I seriously thought her shirt was just see-through.

  33. lili

    Uh, so these Jersey Shore kids eventually did came to Italy.
    Why is that I suddenly feel the urge to set my birth certificate on fire and move to someplace slightly more civilized? I was thinking the Third World.

  34. ayo

    so now we all know what the Situation saw

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