1. No Mr Bond, I expect you to DIE….

  2. Reuben Kincade

    Danny Partridge got arrested AGAIN?

  3. Ole one eye Rough

    Oh dear! He’s not looking for spaceship to sabotage is he?

  4. Cover him up from the shoulders down and it’s my aunt. The mean one.


    Damn! Did he bob for apples in a deep fryer?

  6. cc

    Again. With the fucking scarf.

  7. His neck looks like what I expect Khloe Kardashian’s vagina to look like.

  8. Wha?

    He might look serious – but his scarf is ready for a hoedown.

  9. Mike Walker

    Udo? Udat?

  10. I would pay sweet, crazy money to have him crawl out of a cryogenic freezer while singing “Rock Me Amadeus”. Call it a fetish.

  11. Brennan Haley

    And his yearbook read: Known for being: a vampire. Goal in life: to be a vampire. Likely destination: a coffin.

  12. Except for the scarf, I’m an Udo fan… the guy plays a great villain/psychopath. Mind you, I thought the last movie he was in was Johnny Mnemonic… I checked IMDB, and man, he’s been busy.

  13. Courtballs

    The Zombie apocalypse is nigh!

  14. vlad

    He makes scarves look evil

  15. Skeezix

    When stressed, Udo broke the tension by doing his best Angela Lansbury impression…

  16. The Critical Crassness

    Adam Lambert before his facial and visit to Hair Club for Men!

  17. baron of all media

    Peter Fonda is the SHIT!!!

  18. lili

    Holy Jesus, Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn’t aging well at all.

  19. kimmykimkim

    Aahh! Shit, you scared me!

  20. kimmykimkim

    Scarves: OUT. Tablecloths: IN.

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