1. Cock Dr

    If they put it out on display like that damn straight it’s gonna get some looks.

  2. TomFrank

    That’s Gavin Rossdale? He’s got a pretty sweet ass for a dude.

  3. ohmyword

    gwen stefani looks so much better from behind


    Is pool French for ” He’s not at the pool. He’s at the bottom of a cliff”?

  5. Yeah, well Eff You, I ruled the 90′s!

  6. cc

    1 shot of that ass? 1 SHOT OF THAT ASS?!!! *throws office chair through window*

  7. Ismoss

    paparazzi fail

  8. tlmck

    I don’t blame him. That albino stuff gets tired looking after a while.

  9. Blech

    I admire Gavin Rossdale. He really seems to care about starving children in France.

  10. Dave Mustaine

    And to think. I always thought his ugly ass wife was hideous. What an improvement to her body .

  11. baron of all media

    That ass belongs between two pieces of toast and chained to my refrigerator.

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