1. Will these work on my peen?

  2. your mom

    Does Jennifer Love Hewitt know this bitch stole her idea?!?!?

  3. I’d have loved to see the business plan she submitted.

  4. She overdid it on the Vajazzle and under did it on the Vagisil.

  5. ChickenHawk

    I didn’t realized they already had a sexbot prototype!

  6. metoo

    She looks like a ‘real doll’.

  7. Like VHS tape girl yesterday; why even bother wearing anything but shoes now.

  8. DeucePickle

    Look who got two free vouchers for full body massages by Jennifer Love Hewitt

  9. rantatonne

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the some terrorists will never run out of reasons to hate. If the a hijab is heavenly these pictures can either be used to incite rage by saying it is what succubi wear in hell or as a promise that its what the 40 virgins wear in heaven.

  10. Short FB!

    What is this shit that is supposed to pass for something I can get off to?

  11. bbiowa

    The only good thing about that net is that it’s not drifting in the Pacific snagging dolphins.

  12. cc

    I am waiting for the first urban legend about someone choking to death on a large rhinestone.

  13. Myslinky

    How does her face move with that much crap on it? she makes kim k look natural.

  14. You know you were pretty late in the game when you had to use the word “official” in your own web domain name.

  15. She’s kinda cute, but a guy’s torso would get torn to shreds trying to get her out of this get-up.

  16. mbcl

    This is Childs pornography.

  17. catapostrophe

    People who tend to believe that society is in a state of intellectual and cultural freefall evidently haven’t seen this photograph.

  18. bigalkie

    Insert Katie Price Head Here

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