1. Oh Chrissy Snow…you delightful old whore!

  2. your mom

    She’s what, 87 now? And still hotter than Lindsay Lohan.

  3. That poor girl in the back… What has been seen cannot be unseen…

  4. it had to be said

    Thighmaster indeed.

  5. EricLr

    Somewhere there is a ten-year-old boy who just wishes grandma would stick to baking cookies.

  6. dooood

    is it me or is this the same shot christie brinkley had a week ago?

  7. Time flies. Beauty flies away.

  8. Cock Dr

    OMG – Bristol Palin went blonde!

  9. Sound Off

    A side effect of a life time of heavy Thigh Master use…freakishly large qweefs!

  10. Brought It

    Why is Kirsten Dunst awkwardly smiling in the background?

  11. Crissy

    Susanne: “And, praaaaaaaaaaaaaa pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!!! he he he!
    Maria: “OMG! Im embarrassed for you!”

  12. Johnny P!

    Yeah, just like Monroe would look like today if she were still alive.

  13. Codot

    Breeze Company

  14. I’m thinking she oughta look into a Face Master.

  15. squishy

    My Eyes My Eyes….So Wrong!!!!

  16. mini mouse

    mega mouse

  17. Fuck you, Wind. Just… just, fuck you.

  18. catapostrophe


  19. skunk

    id fucker

  20. I’d still Jack Tripper that rusty hotpocket

  21. bsauce

    That was a hell of a queef.

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