1. Must be that new invisible floss.

  2. metoo

    “Basic salad-tossing technique”.

  3. it had to be said

    No, Tom. That’s not the Shocker. No wonder she got pissed.

  4. He looks like every dude sitting in the back of a 1970s era steakhouse. You know the ones with the red naugahyde booths.

  5. EricLr

    Morgan Freeman was really generous to give him that kidney. But there were unintended side effects…

  6. dooood

    some sort of british gang sign??

  7. Govt. Cheese

    Prepping for your date with Tannorexic Mom I see! Give her the shocker bro.

  8. Preparing to remove his dentures.

  9. Jill

    Who’s got two thumbs and kinda looks like the guy from the Dos Equis commercials? This guy, right here!

  10. ChickenHawk

    “Who has two thumbs, and has banged thousands of women since the sixties? Me, Tom Jones.”

  11. DeucePickle

    Looks like white Bill Cosby is getting too old to make his BLOODS gangsign.

  12. “Who’s got two thumbs and just banged your grandmother? This guy!”

  13. Cock Dr

    Apparently when he sings women go blind & stupid.

  14. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    OK, Delilah on the air harmonica and then I really have to go back inside

  15. Johnny P!

    Why are black people’s palms always paler than the rest of them?

  16. Crissy

    “put yo hands up, whoot, whoot!”

  17. CK

    Tan Mom… Tan Tom.
    Tan Tom… Tan Mom.
    Pleasure to meet you.

  18. phoenix

    Spider-Man the later years

  19. Little Tongue

    Can you tell which finger smells like your mama?

  20. mimi

    what hood is he representing? ORANGE county?

  21. Short FB!


  22. AAPL made me rich!

    Tan Mom lookin’ dope.

  23. bbiowa

    It’s not unusual to have thumbs up anyone.

  24. mbcl

    Taking a mental picture after entering the ladies room.

  25. Oz Matters

    Ok, for the last time. So, after getting her to lay on her stomach, I readied my hands thus, then I thrusted them deeply deeply down until I felt my fingers get a really good grip. Then, with all my strength, I pulled them apart, and that was how I got my two pet bulldogs out of Nicki Minaj’s arse.

  26. “I fold the labia back like this…”

  27. bigalkie

    In the seventies.. It was panties.. Now his fans throw depends.. and he’s catching

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