1. Josephus

    Does anybody else remember Droz from the WWF of the late 90s?

  2. it had to be said

    That other hand is definitely in his pants. No doubt.

  3. LET’S MOVE…. our hand slowly down to our crotch…

  4. EricLr

    Why yes, I am about to play a Nazi in a movie. How did you know?

  5. dooood

    “i’m so toasted right now!”

  6. Nice beard, d’Artagnan.

  7. What’s the draw? I don’t get it.

  8. “Gold Bond? Okay. But enough about my portfolio, I’m here to talk about jock itch.”

  9. Cock Dr

    He looks like he hasn’t slept since 1999.

  10. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    “Nah, kinky is she likes the smell of balls off my hands, weird is it’s not even my balls”

  11. Johnny P!

    Is he trying to look like Seacrest, or is Seacrest trying to look like him?

  12. The Most Interesting

    “Ah, it’s great to be here. Y’know, I’m not allowed to smile at home.”

  13. “So you know that movie, ‘Something’s Going On With Mary’? They’re totally right about the hair gel thing!”

  14. AAPL made me rich!

    Michelle has the right to bare arms.

  15. He’s looking like Ricky Gervais a little…

    Is Posh his Karl Pilkington?

  16. j/k

    I thought the Guy Fawkes masks were for the anti-establishment.

  17. He couldn’t decide if he wanted de The Lundgren or The Fassbender, so he went for the old reliable Le Douche instead.

  18. Dingdong

    Yeah, I married the least talented spice girl!

  19. fuckface

    ” My epee and I will teach you a lesson, yon scoundrel! All for one and one for all”

  20. [img][/img]

  21. Biff

    Couldn’t tell if it was David Bowie or Dolph Lundgren…

  22. Bootology

    Alright stop! Collaborate and listen! Becks is back with a brand new endorsement!

  23. “Take my wife…PLEASE!!”

  24. bigalkie

    Run Bullwinkle! It’s Snidely Whiplash!

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