1. Pathos Avenger

    She poops money! Wanna see?

  2. j/k

    I have this idea for a web short. It’s called 1 black guy, 1 old lady, and a cup.

  3. Obvious jokes aside, what the fuck is actually going on here?

  4. tlmck

    This is what passes for “entertainment” at ABC these days.

  5. Did she decide to fund Daniel Tosh’s Shark Tank project?

  6. That looks like the exact opposite of an “Up Front.”

  7. Farrah Abraham, this is your future. Except poor.

  8. Its almost like they know exists!!

  9. Nick4ca

    That guy has the tiniest toungue ever, thank goodness he’s rich.

  10. what the fairy fuck Barbara? step away from the chardonnay.

  11. “This woman is amazing. You can feel her fart from a foot away from her rectum…Oops, just a bit of overspray.”

  12. Business in the front, party in the back.

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