1. Cock Dr

    Maguire looks like he may upchuck without warning.

  2. anonymous

    Maguire looks like he “see what you did there….”

  3. I’m expect Maguire to break out in a dance number at any moment.

  4. “Magnum?”
    “Shh, no. You’re not ready yet. Stick with Blue Steel.”
    “Yea. This feels right.”

  5. They both look like ginormous chodes here.

  6. um, no Leo, your farts DO NOT smell like cinnamon waffles.

  7. “How are you doing Toby?”
    “I’m Spider-man!”
    “Not anymore dumb ass…Not anymore.”

  8. I’m so glad they’ve finally made it official.

  9. One would think that with all the money they make, between the two of them, they could come up with at least ONE fucking razor and a tie for the dago!

  10. lurkalot

    tobey desperately wants to squint his eyes as sexily as his man-bear buddy over there

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Robin & Batman. Mini-Me & Dr. Evil. The Apprentice & the Master. “Fuck off” & “I’ll fuck you anytime”.

  12. Mojo rising

    Two men who have no idea why they are in the movies. And the rest of us who wish they weren’t.

  13. gumbypokey

    Pictured: (R-L) Leonardo DiCaprio, imitation Leonardo DiCaprio.

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