1. Unless lice is of particular concern to this photographer, I’d say he is facing no real threat here.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I bet that photographer could kick his ass

  3. And when you say “confronting,” I’m sure you mean “inquiring as to why the photographer won’t take his photo.”

  4. The photographer’s T-shirt says “Go To Jail Lindsay” with a picture of the policeman from the Monopoly board. So we were all going to side with him, anyway.

  5. The photographer was correct. I has been at least 5 years since Madden has been relevant.

  6. Senor Trout

    The photog has five fingers up to indicate how many Madden brothers he could beat down at the same time.

  7. Fuzzy Dustmite

    “I’m famous!”
    “For like five minutes!”

  8. bdog821

    Looks like the photographer wet himself all the way thru his shoes.

  9. Jman

    “Ok Ok, I’ll get the shorts in the shot too.”

  10. Don’t look now but his socks don’t match….

  11. “Why aren’t you taking my picture?”
    “I swear, I have no idea who you are!”

  12. We hear occasionally about celebrities having a hissy-fit and accosting paps, sometimes even pushing or punching them…
    What would the repercussions be if the celeb grabbed the pap’s camera (like above) and the pap simply said, “FUCK YOU!” and pounded his teeth down his throat? Just curious…

  13. Jim B

    You are a BITCH Joel Madden!!!! Ha haaaaa, confront me, please!

  14. “I’m 34 years old, Dad, AND I’LL WEAR WHAT I WANT!”

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