1. Since no one has anything to say about this chick, how about the fact that Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar have a new comedy coming out next fall. Who would have thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar could be the second most annoying person in the cast?

  2. Cock Dr


  3. She was so hot on “House”. How House never took the opportunity to get in that ass, I’ll never know.

  4. MIRV

    Into Darkness, gee I’d sure like to, ahem, well [adjusts bowtie], do that, er…with her um…how do you say…

  5. That’s an ass! I would French kiss her anus when I awoke every morning, and upon retiring every night. Several times in between as well.

  6. Krazee Thug Nutz

    Oh, my, word…what a fantastic behind view. IN.SANE.

  7. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I nearly died of a heart attack. Kirsten Dunce can look this good? KNEW it couldn’t be true.

  8. This outfit looks awesome on her. I love her character on Once Upon a Time.

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