1. Pathos Avenger

    Dork Lundgren, more like it.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    When did he start hanging out with Bronson Pinchot?

  3. flaT

    Crime Stinks, the smell of penetration.

  4. What’s the deal with old, washed up actors walking around in blindingly colored shoes this week?

  5. “I must break… in these sassy new kicks!”

  6. tlmck

    Looks more like The Hoff spying a cheeseburger.

  7. Doesn’t hang in LA much does he…

  8. A ponytail. That’s an interesting life choice he continues to make.

  9. Thank god is Dolph Lundgren…for a second I thought it was that limp-dicked asshole David Hasselhoff.

  10. Ken

    Google this guy – He’s a bloody genius (IQ is 160), has a master’s in chemical engineering, was a Fulbright scholar….
    And he goes out in public like this.

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