1. lara

    Nothing scarier than a 12 old face with facial hair and wrinkles.

    • whatthe

      I dunno, I was just about to say he hasn’t aged well. I would have never thought that this guy used to be a teen heart throb.

  2. lara


  3. amir

    That’s the face of partying and living hard

  4. He’s just looking through this year’s Victoria’s Secret catalog to pick his new girlfriend that he’ll dump in 3 weeks.

  5. JungleRed

    Damn, it’s good to be me!

  6. “God, my farts smell like cinnamon waffles!”

  7. Gay. And Gatsby looks atrocious

  8. “Alright! There’s a new level on Angry Bird Star Wars!”

  9. The wave of the future *hic* What? Oh wrong movie.

  10. It’s Benjamin Button. In reverse.

  11. He will be Nicholson sooner than later.

  12. Mojo rising

    Just plain ugly, from the inside out. I wish Gatsby had a different lead. Now I won’t watch it at all.

  13. Captain Dick

    Thats what happens when you smoke like a chimney.

    Still an awesome actor imo.

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