1. BroManzier

    Hello? Which end do I sing into?

  2. Because he’s never seen one in real life before.

  3. “What’s it for? What’s it do?”

  4. Tiggles

    “Oh sweeet! A double-barreled slingshot!”

  5. rospo

    best place to hide lyrics !

  6. You’re supposed to wear that thing over your balls, Enrique.

  7. “Damn! And I had JUST bought this for Angelina Jolie! Now I have to go shopping AGAIN!”

  8. DanDanDans

    Mmmm, tittie residue.

  9. TheOneBender

    Wheres the salsa?

  10. Have you guys ever taken a whiff of a brassiere? Women usually spritz a tiny amount of perfume down their blouses as they get dressed for the day and between that scent and their normal pheromones, bras smell very sexy!

  11. DeucePickle

    I fucking hate this talentless dipshit

  12. You know concert bras smell like deodorant and BO, right?

  13. The new tit-phone 4, wireless.

  14. *Checks thesaurus*
    Nope, this isn’t covered under *any* synonym of ‘performing.’

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