1. Bucky Barnes

    True story. I heard that Midori Liqueur had to send over a couple truckloads of stunt bottles for the photo session because every time Kim turned her ass knocked another dozen off the display.

  2. HC66

    How does anyone promote anything other than anal sex by pointing their ass at the camera?

  3. baron of all media

    I ccommend Kim for bringing attention to the terrible atrocities perpetrated against the Armenian people in the form of genocide by the Turks in 1915 while I tounge punch that fartbox!!

  4. “Shit, they fitted me with Khloe’s scoliosis corset today.”

  5. She looks like the bud of a beautiful, blooming black flower, Venus rising from the sparkly depths of an onyx sea, a giant baby crowning from the folds of her sister, Kloe’s, wet, nappy vagina.

  6. Jacqueline Hyde

    I am so over her severe fucking hairdo. Knock it off.

  7. I have no trouble picturing exactly what her skull looks like.

  8. I can see how “Melon” Liqueur can be appropriate for Kim to sponsor. But how are the going to tie in “Giant Pumpkin Ass”?

  9. The Critical Crassness

    Fish is back and we have the obligatory Kardashian post…it’s nice to have a constant in this fucked up world.

  10. tkb

    Is my ass still back there?

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the new version of Photoshop is out.

  12. Under what circumstances would that be a normal pose for a human? facing your head a different direction than your body is pointing is something ANIMALS do…did she learn this from Khloe?

  13. …she’s so fine, there’s no telling where the money went…simply irresistible!

  14. Sin

    Useless Fame Whore selling what the media chugs down in order for them to put this no talent skank in print.

  15. Jovy

    Her face is so fucking hideous, who does her makeup, sideshow bob?

  16. UnholyKrep

    Disgusting example of an overstuffed Scheisswurst.

    And it’s not even close to Octoberfest.

  17. Jenny with a Y

    I’m completely convinced that no less than 83% of Kim’s inner monologue is, “That’s it, stick your ass out. Don’t forget to stick your ass out. That’s what brings the money in, Kim! Remember to stick your ass out.”

  18. DeucePickle

    Does this ass make my ass look big ?

  19. cc

    Have to wonder, why the hell do marketers think that having someone like Kim K showing up somewhere is going to have any lasting effect on the sales of a brand of booze?

  20. babybitch

    Garish bordering on grotesque, every time.

  21. Aggie

    Does she think that poster is scratch and sniff?

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