1. Bucky Barnes

    Poor Russell, no wonder he looks depressed… he shot his wad fucking Chumley the tortoise and doesn’t have enough left for Tennessee Tuxedo.

    • He’s just waiting for his assistant to get back with the roll of duct tape. You have to wrap the penguin in it first, so it won’t explode apart while you’re fucking it. Same with guinea pigs. Jeez, you’re dumb.

  2. It had to be said

    Nice jungle. Fully supplied with penguins and all. Come on, people! Madagascar was FICTION. There are no penguins in jungles.

  3. TomFrank

    I’m sensing a running theme this week: each TCWM ends with a pic featuring an animal. Penguin today, turtle yesterday, Mike Tyson Monday.

  4. Luv2Watch

    You just KNOW this guys stinks. He just looks so dirty greasy nasty.

  5. BigJim

    This is your brain on penguins.

  6. dinkle

    You mean I CAN’T fuck the penguin? Where’s the fun in that? I put my dick in all varieties of flightless birds. Why not the fucking penguin?

  7. Can’t a man have a little privacy with his new “friend” after his marriage is fell apart.

  8. Katy Perry called. She was wondering if you’d seen her pink casual pants.

  9. Richard McBeef

    i don’t know how you do it back home, limey, but we generally don’t shit on the sidewalk in ‘merica. especially if the penguins are out.

  10. Sooooo…I heard you raped a turtle. No truth to that, right?

  11. British and famous and STILL out-dressed by a penguin.

  12. Siloporcen7

    Ok I figured it out. He went to the zoo on shrooms. Don’t act like u haven’t done that

  13. Rough the π maker

    Who’s keeping Katy warm?

  14. cc

    Hey I went to India to become a greasy-looking yogi in the gayest looking pants ever.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Seen here with one of his victims, Russell Brand, claims that Katy Perry’s constant public flashing of her tits, while hiding them under a burlap sack in private, drove him to rape hundreds of penguins over the past 6 months.

  16. Sin

    Hmm..So, just where is its asshole? How can I fuck it if I can’t find its asshole?

  17. vlad

    He didn’t realize one of the prenups to his marriage to Katy was that he has to wear her clothes

  18. Anna

    he looks disgusting! maybe he has great personality or just charming in person..I don’t understand Katy Perry. oh well, I guess they will divorce sooner or later. just don’t have any kids!

  19. Jovy

    Will you PLEASE quit showing us pictures of this ape, PLEASE. I’m truly getting sick of seeing his face/hearing about him.

  20. Dave Mustaine

    This guy is about as funny as a spoon.

  21. Oh Snap

    “You see this penguin here… I get more action from this pegnuin.. eh? What you saying? I can’t fuck this penguin? Eh… what you Katy Perry or something? Puttin a limit on how much action I get on my little Rus Rus? Oy, fools”

  22. MisterSuccint

    In order to reach the breeding grounds, the penguins must pass through the territory of the Greater Greasy Titbanger, easily identified by its wife beater, dollar store flip-flops, and parachute pants circa 1990.

  23. tlmck

    Even the penguin is not impressed with him.

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