1. I would still do Rosanna and Patricia.

    • I thought you said” Don’t stick your dick in crazy”. Why the change Don?

      • Winona Ryder and a crazy chick at McDonald’s opened my eyes. Sometimes, it’s worth the stab wounds.

        I didn’t know Rosanna and Patricia were crazy. I thought it was the men and former men of this family that were crazy. What crazy things have they done?

      • I lack the Google kung fu or I am too lazy to attach the evidence. One was married to Nicholas Cage another had a mental breakdown and went to a resort for “exhaustion”. Not Halle Berry nuts, but then who is?

      • YEAH – Patricia and Cage. Forgot about this one – I think they even married twice!

  2. JimBB

    Okay guys, who’s up for some H E R O I N ?!?

  3. “Two and a Half Men”

  4. If there was ever a picture that needed a sitcom theme song…

  5. Alexis is a guy right?

  6. Iggy Pop’s an Arquette?

  7. buzz

    I’d actually forgotten that David was part of the Arquette clan (by birth). It explains a lot.

  8. I think this family would just be the best to hang out with. Like the opposite of Gwyneth Paltrow; this would make for fun holidays.

  9. greenmeanie

    Rocky Horror Picture Show…THE SEQUEL. “Rocky Whorer: When Brad Met Chlamydia”

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