1. The Dude

    Every single photo of her is the same.
    Except the unwanted kid has a different shirt on.

  2. I’m starting to think the only reason she ever takes that kid out in public is so that the baby daddy can see how much she absolutely despises it in pap photos.

  3. tito

    “can he go live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine?”

  4. “No matter how hard I try, he just keeps coming back. Sigh”

  5. “Mummy? Should we look both ways before crossing the street?”

  6. JimBB

    Jesus, there you go again with the whining. For fuck’s sake, I fed you just yesterday, you little shit!

  7. I bet that fucking poser can’t even name all The Beatles.

  8. PassingTrue

    She embraces motherhood with all the warmth of last night’s mashed potatoes.

  9. Please tell me she is not heading to a hog farm.

  10. January has 2 right arms.

  11. Bob

    This kid is going to treasure these photos as he gets older. He can just hand a stack of them to his therapist and skip having to explain why he thinks mommy didn’t love him.

  12. littletongue

    The secret is out! That kid’s bio dad is Jon Hamm! So obvious!

  13. Fuck…she always looks like a bitch… every damn pic. Every damn one of them.

  14. 1. Sad trombone.
    2. Charlie Brown music from ‘Arrested Development’.

  15. Why can’t you be more like John Lennon?

    Do you want me to be a singer, Mommy?

    No, dead.

  16. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Ms. Jones is NOT going to be happy when she finds out times have changed and she has to take the little piggy HOME from the Farmers Market.

  17. Lou Braccant

    She should fire her publicist, they HAVE to know that she’s getting her photo taken looking like that every fuck day and not once have they said to her “January, will you just smile for fucksake? You’re an actress…pretend you’re happy!!”

    • an

      You do realize that this site deliberately chooses photos of her where she looks like this so it fits with their creepy “JJ hates her son” narrative? There are loads of photos of her smiling and happy with her son.

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