1. Along with a myriad of culinary retrieval responsibilities, Jonah’s personal assistant is also forced to stand next to him and impersonate Leo Dicaprio and compliment him.

  2. Who Jonah Hill is really banging.

  3. Nice shirt, Pablo Big-Asso.

  4. “… OK. He’s an alright Channing substitute. But I’m still too far away from the Leo Zone.”

  5. Bob

    Even Jonah Hill needs his “Jonah Hill”.

  6. Each dude thinks the other guy is the wing man.

  7. byron821

    “You see what I see?”
    “Yep, I sure do”.

  8. fred

    Jonah got so excited he peed his pants a little. . . until he found it that it was not “skinny Jonah from the future”, it was just some random Jewish dude with a beard.

  9. Brit

    “…Hmmm, I wonder if this would be a great place to masturbate in public?…”

  10. Well, hello random guy, how you doin’?

  11. They both look pretty pleased with themselves – wonder if they managed to deliver that piano ok.

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