1. Cock Dr

    Kid looks like junkie.

  2. He’s such a little asshole.

  3. “Big Daddy, tell me the story about what it’s like to go through puberty again”

  4. Birdman Gonna rape his ass

  5. Ronaldo

    His pants are always falling. Such an A-hole

  6. His shirt sums up the picture

  7. Hat, shirt & shorts. All too large.

  8. Bob

    Go away kid. I’m not giving any “black lessons” today.

  9. ksmack

    As the tat sleeves extend, so too does the douche. It is their way of recognizing the others.

  10. ThisWillHurt

    “So what you’re saying, Mr. Cosby, is that there’s something I can put in a girls’s drink that’ll make her do what I want?”
    “That’s rizzley right, Bizzle-Bare!”
    “Will she help me build the world’s largest erector set? That shit’d be tight as shit!”

  11. Does he know any white people?

  12. I cant believe he makes his black assistant wear that shirt.

  13. “I was thinkin’ bout goin’ to the sto an pickin’ up a little somethin’.”
    “Boy, your stupidity hurts my head!…You do know you ain’t black right?”

  14. “We’re stone cold thuggin’, right dawg? She-it. We be hard, right bro?”
    “Forgive my inattention, young man. The crescendo of the Rite of Spring really creates consuming mask to the senses. Now how can I help you?”

  15. martian leader

    looks like we’ve found a new drug. whatever the fuck it is.

  16. fred

    “Look, Justin, I don’t know how else I can say this. The bottom line is you will never be black.”

  17. “Dis how chicken walk.”

  18. MFer

    Nice dress.

  19. Robb7

    I’m waiting for the day when this skinny, little douche gets his white ass crushed by some angry black guys are tired of his shit. I just want him dropped in Bed Stuy for just an hour — without his body guards!

  20. Vlad

    Whoa, slow down B-Dawg, remember what happened last time you was in Miami, yo.

  21. Nut bra

    Skinny chicken legs, skinny chicken wings…….dis how…


  22. “Daddy my diaper is full”

  23. sc4play

    If it looks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it must be a damn duck!!

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