1. still hit it

    damn thats alot of forehead… do they have a hair club for woman?…she is going to need it soon!!

  2. She is sooooo hot. And by soooo hot, I mean makes me want to stick my dick in a meat grinder.

  3. At least the bikini distracted you from that “face.”

  4. She’s only a dozen cats away from looking like a homeless chick with a dozen cats.

  5. “but what if I PAID you….would you strip search me then?”

  6. lori

    She still thinks she’s 13.

  7. lauryn

    you’re what, like 45? start brushing your hair. you’re not cute anymore.

  8. Step 1. Look at this picture.
    Step 2. Google “Dopey”
    Step 3. Chuckle

  9. Matt

    There’s no way Robert De Niro is gonna let this girl’s mouth get anywhere near his thumb.

  10. Matt

    Tracey Ullman is aging poorly.

  11. Matt

    She looks old enough to be Christie Brinkley’s mom.

  12. She’s cute in that way that a really well-carved potato is cute.

  13. Matt

    I know what you’re all thinking. What’s the funniest thing about this picture? Is it the hair? Is it the clothes? Is it the forehead? Is it the fact that she’s probably flying coach? Is it the fact that even Kevin Federline would not try to impregnate her. Yes. Yes it is.

  14. justuhbill

    She obviously still thinks she is playing the mentally challenged character from :”The Other Sister/”

  15. fooey

    what IS eating gilbert grape?

  16. Hellisforsissies

    Damn! Robin Williams’ facelift looks marvelous. It makes him look at least 15 years younger.

  17. cc

    Well, at least I don’t have to worry about an intrusive patdown.

  18. Oz Matters

    She has become unclaimed baggage.

  19. Charmless Man

    “And then I tried to start a music career. I know, right? Bad idea.”

  20. who cares?

    when did the situation become a hipster?

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